I  Build  The  Tower

the feature-length documentary film about

Simon Rodia and the Watts Towers of Los Angeles


by Edward Landler and Brad Byer

"A lyrical look at the South Los Angeles masterpiece constructed by Italian immigrant Sabato 'Sam' Rodia... 

"It includes, among much else, a fascinating 1983 interview that the filmmakers did with the engineer and futurist R. Buckminster Fuller." 

- Christopher Knight, art critic, Los Angeles Times

" . . . the film is wonderful :

lyrical, well-made and edited, and compelling . . ."

  - Ken Burns, filmmaker, "The Civil War", "Jazz"

"A heartfelt and fascinating film . . .

a real discovery, entertaining and illuminating . . ."

 - Leonard Maltin, Maltin On Movies

"The filmmakers stunningly capture the beauty of the towers piercing the azure sky...”
    - Kevin Crust, film critic, Los Angeles Times

" . . . the most complete visual account of self-made architect Simon Rodia and his masterpiece.."
                            - Robert Koehler,  Daily Variety

There's an official Los Angeles and a real Los Angeles


The story of  Rodia and his Towers is the story of the real L. A.

- and the vital arts and culture of a multi-ethnic community

One of the 20 Best Documentaries about Los Angeles

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